Audio Research

LED Technology

Labtam has been in the assembly of circuit boards for over forty years and we have a range of capabilities. We source components as well as load components provided to us by our clients. We have both through hole and surface mount capabilities. We optically inspect every surface mount loaded part and test a wide rang of circuit boards. Labtam also provides a full manufacturing service to a final finished product stage - including shrink wrapping. Quality is the key ingredient offered by Labtam and the company is fully ISO certified. Small to medium scale work is our specialty.


Total Perspective is a system that corrects the stereo or surround sound image, so that every person in the audience perceives an accurate sound-stage, with audio placements being consistent for every listener relative to where they are sitting. It is not room dependent and does not require a center speaker.


The LED Light Cube – a new world-first lighting technology developed in direct response to the limitations experienced by photographers and digital filmmakers.

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